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  1. I literally could not stop reading after coming here from Hairpin, which I got to from Dispatches from the Culture Wars. I read the entire set of entries with a sort of alarmed fascination.

    I have no frame of reference that would really connect me to anything you went through home or school or church, in the Moonie context. It's just so different from the rest of the world.

    But be assured there are plenty of folks of age 25-35 who weren't raised in a cult and still have trouble relating to others, who may have been bullied or ostracized or tormented in public junior high and/or high schools, who don't quite fit in at work, etc. It's not that uncommon and with those folks you have commonality of situation, despite a rather different means of being there.

    Ultimately one must find a group of folks they can depend on and trust, in mutual respect, support and friendship. And find something they're good at, and at least reasonably enjoy doing, to make a living. Once you have that the world makes more sense, but it's still a crazy place.

    I hope continuing this blog helps you both heal and come to terms with this other world the rest of us were raised in. This stuff is really an eye-opener for non-moonies, and serves to enlighten the rest of the world as well as (we hope) helping you all cathartically.

    Peace be with you!

    1. Rich,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. It's really weird to say this, but hearing about people's alarm is helpful for us to reframe our perspectives.

      I was speaking with a therapist about the exact point you made about people's backgrounds and how even if they are totally different sometimes we have a shared struggle and commonality. Thank you for re-emphasizing that lesson for us.

      Ultimately this place is for us to get those thoughts and feelings out of our head and onto "paper" as a means to catharsis. If people are able to find a sense of enlightenment, peace or understanding in their own experiences through the writing, that is wonderful.

      Anyway thank you for coming by and being a part of this experience with us!



  2. Jen, I am a moonie mom in Omaha. I can picture your youth based on your vivid accounts and commiserate with you. I feel sad and sorry that you and your siblings grew up with the same experiences as I had as a youth. Parents fighting, beaten with a belt etc.. ANd yes, the scary hell stories about the fall.
    So in high school you fell. You are a 2nd gen, beautiful daughter of God, however you perceive him/her. The End.
    Please forgive your parents and yourself. Thank you for sharing.