Miss Mayhem and I decided to start this blog as a bit of a therapy project.

We are sisters who grew up together, then grew apart; when Miss Mayhem left the Unification Church that we had grown up in. After I left as well, we began to retrace our steps to begin our relationship as sisters and friends again. This blog is a part of that healing process.

While the stories, on some level, all relate back to one fateful season, The Summer of Cheesecake, when our my mother left our father and we found ourselves homeless and near stranded, they are not necessarily chronological. We try, we really do. But more often than not, they are vignettes that end up crawling their ways out of our psyches. Writing has become part of our therapy.

We hope you find some form of strength, hope or resilience in reading our stories. We're all survivor of something. And we're all in This together.

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